Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

Remote work or telecommuting is a work arrangement ranging from virtual assistance, data entry or even writing digital content in which employees do not commute to a central place of work, instead they work from their home or any location of their choice. It is becoming an industry standard.

Research by the financial software company Intuit has proven it that nearly quarter of U.S workers work remotely for a minimum of five hours weekly.  Today over 60% of companies allows some workers to work as commuters occasionally, and up to 38% allow some works to do on a regular basis.

Moreover, not only you set your own schedule but your office can also be any kind and anywhere. How good is that?!

Why you shoud hire a freelancer

The challenges of the work/life balance

You would think that working remotely would make it easier to devote more of your time to your personal life style. But since you don’t have specific hours or a clear separation of workplace and your home, it will be hard to stop thinking about the work you have to do.

Lack of office structure

When you work remotely, you don’t enjoy the same structure that an office provides as a work place. This might create challenges in self-discipline, and some even report feeling isolated. This is why many remote workers prefer to work on per time.


As a remote worker, it might be difficult to determine when work ends and when other responsibilities begin as you are constantly checking your phone and your inbox to keep yourself updated about work.

While some of these challenges may feel overwhelming, remote workers should definitely take the advantage of freelance writers mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Experience

Good freelance writers are experienced in writing.  It’s a professional content creation service. A freelance writer will bring the unique combination of industry experience and writing experience to boost your content.

  • Save Time

Creating content is time-consuming. But when you outsource your writing, you are sure of using more of your time for other revenue-generating activities rather than spending half of your time trying to write a content rich article when you can actually outsource your writing.

  • Flexibility

When you hire a freelance writer, you will benefit from their flexible schedules. Your writer may continue to work on an assignment even when you’re off duty.

  • The cost

Since freelancer writers won’t have to figure travel time, mailing expenditures, and other costs into his rate will surely start a lower price for your writing compared to the time and stress involved.

All in all, hiring a freelance writer will give you two main advantages: experienced professional content creation at a low cost and the ability to use your time the way you want.