June 24, 2015

Creative Content

Creative content servicesCrafting good content takes time, effort and patience. So why do so many business owners try to write copy themselves? You should only be focused on your business, right?

On the other hand, even if you don’t have a business but need help to develop engaging content, look no further. Maybe you just hate to write and aren’t any good at it. Why do you have to spend your valuable time writing when you can outsource it? I have more than 10 years of speech writing, legal drafting and blogging. You don’t have to waste valuable time trying to write.

Tell me the subject and take the credits! I’ll do the work for you!

Moreover, I speak/write both in English and Portuguese, so if you need to write in a different language you came to the right place!

 creative content servicesSOME OF THE WORK I CAN DO FOR YOU:

  • In-house Blogging;
  • Outsourced blog posts;
  • Ghost writing;
  • Speech writing;
  • Professional essays;
  • Social media posts;
  • Case studies;
  • Ebooks/”How to” guides.



If your project is just a single content material my rate is 0,05$ per word.

Why do I charge by word? It’s the perfect model for most projects since no matter the number of hours to complete an assignment, the price tag will be the same for you.

For long-term projects price will be determined by evaluating its complexity, expertise required and time commitment. A proposal with a quote per project will be emailed once a determination of the work has been made.

All assignments require a 40% payment in advance (PayPal or bank wire transfer).



Send me an email today to disqus what are your needs. Working together, we will take your writing skills to the next level!


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